Boerke ontgoocheld (Dickie’s heroes)


Author: Pieter De Poortere
Pages: 192
240×320 mm
weight 0,6 kg
ISBN 9789464005837

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Dickie, enjoying rising fame, wants to be the ultimate hero! Is this the time to become a hero of the nation or should he accept his fate as a zero and eternal loser? Are all those heroic stories fake news? Dickie searches the person behind the hero, in this story. No musical, social, cultural or sportive hero is safe anymore!

Dickie is the universal loser. Whether he’s a farmer or astronaut, knight or firefighter, he always draws the short straw. Dickie wants to participate in the world, but does not understand the codes. Often he dies at the end of a story, only to emerge in the next story, as is the case with cartoon characters. Running in the next story into misfortune again.

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Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 240 × 320 cm